Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Holidays

I wanted to wish everyone happy holidays, but I also wanted to say how pleased I am about the numerous comments and emails I have been getting lately about my blog. Apparently I'm on google. ;)

Some have said how my blog has given them hope, and calmed them down. That's exactly why I started this over a year ago. I know that back when I was in the learning stages, I would have devoured "personal experiences" blogs like this. I'm so grateful and happy that my experiences can help other people with theirs.

A lady named Shanna wrote this in my guest book: I have searched a million websites and nothing has been as helpful as this!

That means the world to me, thank you.

I've received more guest book entries and comments on my posts, asking me questions, and since there are no emails to go along with those questions, I thought I'd answer them here.

For Jennifer Townsend, who wrote in my guest book the following:

I am going to have orthognathic surgery on January 9th. I am very nervous because I am have a low tolerance for pain and I just read that they may have to put in a soft catheter. My doctor said the surgery would last 2 1/2 hours. Did you have to have a soft catheter put into your bladder? I am really freaked out about that. If so, did they put it in and remove it while you were under anesthesia?

No, I did not have a catheter. I've read it depends on how long you will be under anesthesia. I was only under a couple of hours. I also read that if you do need a catheter, they will put in it while you are under and take it out before you wake up.

Good luck on the 9th, Jennifer. :)

And a comment on my last post, by Nitin:

After reading your posts on this blog i have gotten some hope. How strange is it for an orthodontist with a bad bite to have the similar surgery that you have had (minus the genio). I hate admitting it but i cried myself to sleep for the last two days (surgery on the 20th). How will I ever get better? Especially with this splint in! I drink liquids they come out my nose. I try to swallow and my throat hurts. Any words of advice?

Hi there. You're only two days in your recovery...the first week is the worst, but trust me it gets so much better. It's really frustrating at times, isn't it? If you read my blog entries during my first week of recovery, you can see how frustrated I was too. I was tired of everything. Day 3-4 are generally the worst, but you should be able to see the light after a week. Just take care of yourself, take your meds, drink as much as you can and try to get some nutrition into your body. Believe me, you don't want dehydration on top of this.

My throat and ears hurt for a few days too. Maybe try some warm tea with honey? I didn't have a splint so I have no idea about that, but it does sound yucky.

It WILL get better. Hang in there. :)

That's all for now. Have a great holiday, everyone.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December update

Okay, it's been about 9 months since my surgery. I'm doing great still. No problems. Joint pain is lessened significantly, though this surgery has not helped my sinuses. I have gotten as many infections in the past few months as I have pre-surg. Oh well. Nasonex is my bestest friend.

I said a few posts ago that I would be getting my braces off in December. I won't be. They'll be staying on until at least February. I saw Dr. J today and he said my bite was *nearly* perfect. The only way it would be super perfect was if they left little spaces in my upper teeth and I got veneers to build them up. Um, nuh uh. They cost $1700 EACH. I'd rather have Dr. J close up my gaps and have a 99% perfect bite, for "free". Please and thank you.

So it will take two or so more visits to get my teeth as straight as possible. My debracing should run parallel with my one-year anniversary of surgery (March 2).

Dr. J said that three months after my debracing, they will do another x-ray and look at my joints. If I am still having pain, he will refer me to someone who will fine tune the hell out of my bite. I forget what he called him. Someone who will file down my teeth so my upper and lower jaw meet perfectly together. This isn't covered on insurance, I don't think. I hope I don't need it.

So now I have a power chain and power thread closing my gaps (again). I'm sore, but not as bad as the adjustment in September. I have also been wearing two elastics for the past 6 weeks and have to wear them for 6 more. But only at night, thank God.

I'm about ready to be done with all this orthodontia.

Oh and Steph, if you read this, I can't get into your blog! Please may I have access?