Friday, September 14, 2007

Fine tuning and closing the gaps

It's official--I am sick of my braces and I want them OFF. Most days I don't even know they're there, but after an adjustment like yesterday's, I'm very much aware of them. I haven't been in so much pain since I first got them on. Can't chew at all. It hurts just sitting here doing nothing. My teeth ache. They're rebelling against me. They are saying "Oh God, we have to move again? Just let us BE!" But hey, they are as straight as piano keys (which is why I find "fine tuning", what the ortho assistant said she was doing to my teeth yesterday, so fitting).

Sorry I skipped my 6 month update, but it was Labor Day weekend, the in-laws were here and it was kind of busy. Then my kids started school and I just forgot about my blog, which I'm sure many of you have as well (does anyone still read this thing?)

So I am 6 months and 12 days post-op today. Nothing exciting or startling has happened in the past few months. Like I said, my braces are bugging me. I've had them since April 2006 and they are due to come off sometime near December. Everything is looking really good. My teeth have never been so straight in all my life. My bite felt great up until yesterday and now it feels off again, as it often does right after an adjustment.

Yesterday at my appointment they decided to close up the gaps on my top teeth. So I have a power chain on there, AND power thread binding two teeth together on each side. Did I mention it hurts? Oh. My. God. My nerves are on fire, so tingly that it goes right through my entire body. I can't even chew bread. I was planning on making pot roast tonight, but that's out. It's soft foods for me today.

All that needs to be done now is the fine tuning, like I said. A few more appointments, a few more tweaks, and then...retainer time!