Monday, June 20, 2011

Update, 4+ years post-surgery

Some people have asked for updates on how I'm doing now, over 4 years after my surgery.

First, a comment I got yesterday from CeCe:

During my first stint of pre-op craziness, I researched hundreds (literally) of blogs...Your blog was BY FAR the most useful one out of all of them. Your attention to details was amazing. Just curious...Has your life really changed a lot since surgery, or have you just gotten so used to a "new normal" that you really don't notice any difference??

I'm so happy to read that! It means a lot. I worked so hard on this blog.

My life has changed somewhat since my surgery. I have way less pain. My jaw problems are now non-existent. No cracking at all. My TMJ is healed. I do still get migraines but they went from 1-2 a month pre-surgery to one every 3 months or so, almost always hormonal.

As for my looks, I'm more confident for sure. I still, 4 years later, love my chin and look at it/touch it often. I love my profile. My smile is still a little goofy, I think, but it's much improved. I think I was used my "new normal" very soon after surgery. These days, I don't even think about it, and I have to actually struggle to remember when my surgery was.

I got my braces off over 3 years ago and I still wear my retainers every single night. My teeth are in the exact same position they were when the braces came off. I take very good care of them. Brush 2-3 times a day, floss almost every day, use anti-bacterial mouthwash. I'm still using the same retainers and they've gotten pretty nasty-looking, but I keep them clean. They have little cracks near the molar parts and are all scratched up, but they do the job. I plan to get my dentist to make me new ones soon, which I will wear every night until I die.

It's amazing to me that people are still interested in this blog and how I'm doing. I think orthognathic surgery is becoming more common now. I remember back when I started researching it because, honestly, I was scared out of my wits about it and wanted to read some success stories. I'm grateful that I was able to write my own success story for others to read


At 11:24 AM, Blogger kalsnd said...

Hi rebecca,

I just had orthognathic surgery of the lower jaw June 21, 2011. It was for A "class ii deep bite malocclusion" (overbite). I ve always had it and was always mildly subconconcious about it and as I turned 40....I said the hell with it and started the process of fixing it...starting with braces. I was sitting here today googling looking for information etc and came across your blog. It was really nice to read your story, great blog!

I am just curious.. Did you experience any permanent nerve damage/loss? I am starting to look less like a chipmunk storing nuts...the swelling is subsiding but I am still very much numb on lower lip and chin/jaw areas.

Kal (Ottawa)

I am just curious.. Did you have any permanent nerve damage? After looking like a chipmunk storing nuts in my cheeks, my swelling is going down noticeably. I am still numb all over the lower lip and chin/jaw area.

Kal (Ottawa)

At 3:13 AM, Blogger kalsnd said...

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for taking the time and creating this blog. I had orthognathic surgery a week ago for an overbite. Lower jaw was moved forward 7mm. I ve got a great surgeon here in Ottawa..he didn't close the jaw shut with elastics right after surgery (thank god)... Dr. says the latest techniques they don't need to do that anymore.. but a week later he would elastic band the yapper shut. And today that is what happened...sigh! Overall, not bad, but i must admit if you start thinking about opening your mouth or try to and can't of does feel a little claustrophobic.. matter of fact - all was good during the day.. i laid down to go to sleep tonight..lights out and the mind took over, i actually had a minor panic episode (even though they tell you NOT TO PANIC).. i was about to take off the elastics but sucked it up... and went on the computer instead :)

Just curious, did you experience any permanent nerve/ loss/feeling? Its been 1 week post op.. i know it could take months but it feels like i just got out of dentist chair and lower lip and chin/jaw are still numb!

kal (ottawa)

At 12:28 PM, Blogger SarahH said...

very very sweet of you to keep us updated
useful blog, I love it
thanks alot

At 4:35 PM, Blogger May pena said...

Hi! Im new to your blog! I have a question about your surgery. Did it leave scars and how bad? did they clear up? And how expensive was everyhting added up? Did your insurance cover everything? Thanks!

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