Thursday, August 02, 2007

5 months post-op update

No picture this month because nothing has really changed, but I will post pics for my big 6 month next month.

Okay, one thing has changed. I noticed yesterday that more of my upper teeth show when I smile now. Even a little gum is showing, though not the 4mm they say is supposed to show. It looks better. Not sure if some scar tissue flattened out, or if all my eating has loosened my muscles, or what. I should post a teeth pic soon! My teeth are straighter right now than they have ever been. My bite feels great. My gums have almost totally regained feeling. Still numb in a few spots on top, and in one spot on bottom, above my genio incision. Teeth are still very sensitive. I have to use sensitive teeth toothpaste every time I brush.

I had wicked bad sinus congestion yesterday, but I still find they drain more quickly now. For some reason, my nose always feels a little tingly and itchy now. I have no idea why.

My nose is still crooked, of course, because of the excess bone on my left side. I'm very anxious to find out what Dr. C says when I get my braces off, if he will want to shave that extra bone down. Hope so.

I can't believe it's been 5 months. I forget about my surgery often now. Everyone is used to the way I look. My in-laws haven't seen me in person yet since the surgery, but they will in a couple of weeks when we all go on vacation together. For people who know me really well and have looked at my old face for years, it's usually weird for them at first.

Oh and Steph, I agree, lipstick does look better when you have straight teeth! It will look even better when my straight teeth are rid of all the silver.