Saturday, February 09, 2008

More surgery

On March 28th, I'm getting the excess bone shaved down on my upper left jaw. Dr. C thinks this will help with the asymmetry, but not completely fix it. He says I might have thicker tissue there as well that he, of course, can't fix.

It's an outpatient surgery, done in the hospital (for insurance purposes, meaning it's covered and I don't have to pay a cent). I will be put under, he will make an incision, expose the bone, and chip it away. The surgery is at 10am and I should be out of there by noon. Recovery will take about 3 days. I'm getting it done on a Friday, which is good.

I'm not looking forward to the swelling and the predicted puking after the anesthesia, but I will be glad to get it done. My face has always been crooked, but my surgery exaggerated it and I can see it clearly in pictures. It's crooked to a noticeable degree. Dr. C left the decision for this up to me. He told me I don't need it, per se, but if I want it done he will do it. I want it done!

Otherwise, he's very happy with how everything turned out, as am I. I can't believe it'll be a year on March 2!


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