Friday, March 09, 2007

1 week ago today...

...I was just getting out of surgery. What a week it has been. It has gotten better by the day.

I'm getting a teeny tiny bit worried about my nose. As you can see from the pics, it's crooked. I do have more swelling on one side of my face, and my nose is numb on one side, so obviously it's stretching a little toward the left, but I'm wondering if my nose will ever be straight again. Still, even if it's not, I won't mind so much. Why? Because I LOVE my new jawline. I am so thrilled with my chin that I can't help but smile (awkwardly and numbly) when I study it in the mirror. I'm so glad I had this surgery and I'm even more glad that it's behind me. Surprisingly, I never once had a fleeting thought of "What have I done?" like a lot of people do. I have yet to "hit the wall" (though day 5 was pretty bad). I feel grateful for this.

I'm not sure if I have a little cold or if it's just from the gunk still running down the back of my nose, but my throat feels swollen and scratchy. I can't really cough either. I drank some Pepsi last night to see if the bubbles would work away some of the filmy feeling, but it didn't work. Maybe tea with lemon? Any suggestions?

Other than that, I'm feeling great. Still hungry, yes. But great. I realized I'm more relaxed now than I have been in months. It's been such a crazy few months with all the worrying and anticipation over my surgery and now it's OVER and I can focus on recovery. I'd love to go out for a walk but it's -13C and I don't think my new face would take well to frostbite. Can't wait for Spring.


At 12:56 PM, Blogger Mrs. Shanton said...

Good job! You just look so beautiful. You must be thrilled! I think the nose thing? I wouldn't worry about it too much because I think you're right about the swelling sort of pushing things around and it'll all settle out eventually.
Sorry I have no advice about the scratchy throat. Again, I agree with you that it's probably either post nasal drip (which I had a lot of at a week out) OR a cold OR swelling from the surgery changing around. Pepsi is also my favorite remedy for that; if it gets downright sore, such as it does in the early stages of a cold, I reach for my trusty old ibuprofen. When I have a cold I also take an antihistamine--the kind that dries up the sinuses and mouth and also causes drowsiness, like Benadryl, but I would NOT EVER consider taking that post-op, because I think it's important to let those sinuses drain as they heal. Good luck to you! Thanks for posting all the pics for us on-lookers!


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