Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First post-op orthodontist visit

Please excuse the bad picture. I took it myself in the mirror in the bathroom and the lighting is horrible in there.

I took two Advil before I left for Dr. J's office, anticipating pain, but as it turned out it wasn't bad at all. I got a new wire on my top teeth and power chains to close all the gaps. Dr. J's assistant was very gentle and when I told her my genio stitches still ached a bit, she left my bottom teeth alone for now. She did put new hooks on top and bottom. She put three tighter bands in different spots. Two triangles on the sides, except they are not coming off my back molars now. I don't have an overbite or underbite so they are basically just there to keep my jaws still to heal. The best part is, Dr. J said I only had to wear them for 14 hours a day! So if I put them on at 6pm I'd wear them until morning and the rest of the day I am band-free. Woo hoo!

The lady who does the x-rays and pictures told me I looked "so different". I said "Really?" because for the most part I think I look like myself, only with a chin. She said I looked "supercute" which coming from someone as gorgeous as this woman is a nice compliment.

While I was waiting for Dr. J, I peeked in my folder (Are you allowed to do that? No one stopped me.) I saw the letter from Dr. C stating what he had done to me. It said my upper jaw was moved up 4mm, cut in four segments (yikes!) and stabalized with internal rigid fixation and mandi-something fixation. Which means I have plates, screws, AND little wires holding my jaws together. It also said there was some bone grafting done, which surprised me. Bone from where? I wondered. I have to remember to ask him next time I see him.

As for the genio, my chin was moved ahead 6mm and up 4mm. Also held together with plates, screws, and little wires.

Dr. J's new receptionist had the same surgery as me and she told me that at 3 weeks she was a lot more bruised and swollen than I am. She looks great, but I didn't get to see her beforehand. Half the staff in Dr. J's office has had orthognathic surgery...maybe it's a job requirement.

So that is that. I'm glad it didn't hurt. I figure since my top gums and teeth are completely numb I won't feel any soreness from the adjustment. Ya think?


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