Friday, March 16, 2007

2 weeks post-op--I'm free!

Well, for a couple of hours a day anyway.

My two week pictures: you can see that my nose is still crooked but it's getting better. And I thought I'd throw in a pic of my extremely awkward smile. It makes me laugh. It's my "bring on the food" smile.

I was so excited to see Dr. C today! When I got there he was right in the middle of a wisdom teeth removal or something because he came in the room wearing his scrubs. He looked in my mouth and complimented me on how clean my teeth were. I was like, what? My teeth feel disgusting! But I guess he sees worse. He asked me how my diet was going and I said, "I'm HUNGRY!". He laughed. Then I asked him with desperation in my eyes, "I'll be able to move on to soft foods after today, right?" He said yes. I started breathing again. He said he'd give me looser elastics and I can take them off to eat and brush. BINGO. Applause. So I now have three bands instead of five, and he taught me how to take them on and off with this little pink hooky doohicky. He said it will take practice and I concur. Since I got home, within an hour I've shot one elastic across the room, whipped my lip, and almost swallowed one. Jeez.

My first bands-off meal? A very flat, very soft grilled cheese cut in tiny pieces. It was soooo yummy and filling. I could almost hear my tummy yelling "What the hell?" Let me tell you, chewing is WEIRD. It's like trying to chew with those plastic false teeth in. It's tiring. And just plain strange. I can't open all the way yet and my bite feels off, like there are teeth in weird places. Being clenched for so long has tilted my bottom molars a bit.

Dr. C said that Dr. J has a lot of orthodontic work to do on my teeth before my bite will feel right for me. I knew this. He also said I'd have to wear these elastics for 2-3 months! Is it me, or is this longer than normal? I don't know. Oh well, I don't really mind. He said my bite had to be retrained and I understand that. I have to see him again in two weeks for another follow-up.

I also saw my x-rays. So cool. My little chin bone sticking out looked funny. I could see all the hardware in my upper jaw. Dr. C's assistant told me twice that I looked good. I told her I was extremely pleased and she said, "You should be. He did an excellent job...again!" Way to toot your boss's horn.

Brushing my teeth was lovely. I had so much gunk in there. But again, it was so weird. My top gums are almost totally numb and it felt like I was brushing the table. I can't believe I'm typing this but it almost felt good to put the bands back on. My bite felt way unstable with them off. It was like I didn't know where to put my teeth.

So, I am happy. I feel full. Life is good.

These are great pages for soft food ideas!


At 3:17 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Hey Rebecca -- congratulations! I think the feeling about the rubber bands is normal. Its almost like becoming dependent on your captor. The rubber bands do provide a sense of security. I think I wore mine for a couple of months as well and I was actually upset when my orthodontist and surgeon said I was done with them. I had to laugh at your prior post about the foods you will never eat again. I had the opposite reaction. I still love my soups and mashed potatos but I didn't use a syringe so maybe that's the difference. Like you I also felt much better for all the healthy eating and in fact I quit driking coffee altogether although I still have green tea. Enjoy your soft food! Mary

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Brandyleigh35 said...

Hey Rebecca!
How exciting to be able to eat again! LOL... YOu look terrific, your swelling has really come down a lot! I can of course still see a little bit of it, but for two weeks post op you really seem to be doing well!

I can totally relate with the lack of feeling in your teeth issues. Mine were like that too after SARPE. I think it was AMy who said they felt like wood, and I have to concur. It is the strangest feeling ever brushing teeth that you really can feel isn't it??? I really hated that part.

So here is a question for you, I'm going to ask Steph also. I have a sonic care brush. It is one of the newer ones with the small head on it and the skinny extension type handle. I honestly think it might even be smaller, or at least pretty close to the same as a baby toothbrush. Do you think I would be able to use it to brush my teeth? Also, what about water piking. I know there is the risk of tearing out the stitches, but what if I put it on the lowest speed and just sprayed it around to get the little bits of nastiness out? Will that be possible? What are your thoughts on this??

At 5:11 PM, Blogger Rebecca said...

Brandy...I have an electric toothbrush too but I haven't used it since the surgery. I think it would be a bad idea. I think it might hurt and the vibration wouldn't be good for healing jaws, I don't think. I don't have a water pik but I know Steph has been using one. I've read you shouldn't use one right after surgery when the stitches are still tender, but I don't see a problem with it when you heal a little more.

At 7:56 PM, Blogger Kerrie said...

I'm so glad you got to enjoy a flat grilled cheese. :) I can hear the satisfaction in your words!!

The pics are great. You look awesome!

At 11:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow the swelling has gone down a TON!!! You look great! :)

At 5:02 AM, Blogger Shontell said...

Hello there,

Your profile looks great. What a cute little face! The swelling is looking good too. ;)
Like you guys, my top teeth still feel weird when I brush them. I can't wait to get these braces off completely..WON'T BE FOR AWHILE...and brush the you know what out of them! Anyway..looking forward to following your progress.



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