Monday, June 25, 2007

No plate removal for me


I saw Dr. C today. I shared with him my concerns about my crooked nose and the possibility of inflammation around my plates. He poked around my face for a while and manually pushed hard on one side of my nose. It wasn't pleasant. Dr. C said sometimes during orthognathic surgery, the tube that goes in the nose sometimes slightly deviates the septum and it heals that way. But I've always had a crooked nose. I just didn't notice until now because pre-op, I rarely looked at pics of myself. I rarely even took pics of myself.

Dr. C said that certain symptoms usually go along with inflamed plates (that sounds funny, I picture dinner plates on fire, hehe), like swelling, pain, etc. I don't have any pain or numbness at all, anywhere. He said the plates felt fine, my tissue looked fine, everything was fine and normal. Then he mentioned that I have a lot of bone on my upper jaw and they didn't do any bone-shaving at all during surgery. And that I have a little more bone on my left side than my right, which is probably causing the asymmetry. He said that after my braces come off, he can shave that bone down if I want. I might consider that in a few months.

He also said that my asymmetry wouldn't really be noticable to the Average Joe, that only people who looked at me all the time could tell anything was amiss, and that most people had facial asymmetry naturally (I knew this).

So everything is A-OK. No new info, really, but I'm glad I talked to Dr. C. He didn't brush off my concerns or tell me I was being silly and I liked that. I don't see him again until I get my braces off and have my retainer.

I remember writing in this blog, many many week ago, about my crooked noseness and I wouldn't mind if it stayed that way forever because I loved my new jawline so much. I still feel that way. Even if I'm not 100% happy with every single thing about my appearance since this surgery, it was still immensely, incredibly, insanely worth it.


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