Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I can't keep a straight face.

Ha ha.

Okay, so I saw Dr. J today for an adjustment. Nothing new there. One bottom tooth refuses to move, so more pressure added there. Otherwise my bite is fine.

Anyway, Dr. J asked if I had any concerns or problems at this point in my recovery. I mentioned my crooked nose, of course. He had me stand up and looked at me straight on, and he agreed that I had some asymmetry. He said at this point (15 weeks post-op) it's probably not swelling causing this asymmetry. He also said my midline was fine (whatever that means). Then he said that I may have some inflammation around the plate on the left side of my nose. He said my tissue may be considering that plate a foreign body and reacting to it. I was told before that my tissue wouldn't reject titanium, but I digress. He started pushing on the skin around my nose and asked if it hurt, and I said no. There's no pain or noticable swelling there, so he doesn't suspect infection of any kind.

Long story short, I have to make an appointment with Dr. C. Depending on what he thinks, it's possible I may have to have this plate removed. Which, as Dr. J said, takes about 20 mins and should fix the problem. I was thinking, "Oh man, not more surgery and swelling!" But I'm assuming it's not a big deal, at least not as big a deal as my surgery. No bones are being sawed into, for instance. So if that's what I have to do, I'm fine with that.

Considering all the things I'm reading lately on the Yahoo board and blogs about the problems others are having after their surgeries, this is a pretty minor deal.

Oh and...NO MORE EVIL ELASTIC BANDS FOR ME! Woo hooooo! I can flick those suckers into the garbage. They did their job.


At 3:17 AM, Blogger Mrs. Shanton said...

Yeah, I hear the plate removal is pretty easy. And, wasn't the worst part about surgery being wired/banded shut and starving, anyway? You won't have that again. I think it'll be ok. I'd be relieved that my surgeon is taking my concerns seriously, too, and not blowing me off and saying, uh, "Oh, it's not crooked" or, "Oh, everyone has a little asymmetry" or "Oh, give it time..." You know? Sounds like you have a good surgeon.


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