Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Um, guess what?

I caught The Cold. Yes, I did. I think. Either that or my sinuses have decided to drain down my throat, which happens often too. I'm a little congested in my nasal passages and my sinuses, with a little tickle in my throat. I called Dr. C, and his receptionist called Dr. J, and a staff member from Dr. J's office called me back. She said I should be okay, as long as I'm not hacking or have a fever or congestion in my chest. At the hospital before surgery they will check me over and the anethesiologist will make the call.

Oh man. How much would it SUCK if I get checked out and they say no? The morning of? Oh my God, that would suck. If that happened it would be another month at least until I could get in again.

Oh well, let's hope and pray this baby cold will stay little and not grow. Off to Dr. J in a couple of hours, I'll update tonight.

UPDATE: Got my hooks on. There are nothing like what I thought or what I have ever seen. They are like arch wires in a loop, sticking up. I'll post a picture later. I don't even feel them.

Dr. J is sick with a cold too and he told me I should be okay for surgery if my airways aren't constricted. I'll be checked out well before the IV goes in, he says.

He also said to me, regarding my predicted surgery results, "It's going to be a huge change. Are you prepared for that?" I said, "I think so." I mean, really, how can you prepare for a new face?


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