Monday, February 19, 2007

Bad breath?

Okay, I had this thought today. How bad will my breath be after surgery? I can imagine it will be bad between the not brushing all your teeth and the yucky dried blood in your sinuses. Yuck. Does your mouth taste all metallic afterward?

My poor husband has to sleep in the same bed with me and I'm sure I'll knock the poor guy out with my post-op breath. Not to mention anyone else I come into contact with.

I can use a rinse after surgery, right, as long as it doesn't have alcohol? Can I use Oral B minty flouride rinse?

And my Last Supper? Cheeseburger, fries AND pizza! Yay! :D


At 7:36 PM, Blogger Mary said...

Hi Rebecca, my surgeon gave me a perscription mouth rinse that was anti-bacterial. I don't really recall having an issue with my breath so much as how gross it felt not to be able to brush completely and not to be able to floss. But the days went quickly and by day 5 I was brusing too. Of course, I didn't have the upper done so I don't know about that part. Mary

At 9:12 PM, Blogger Mrs. Shanton said...

My son let me know. Jaw-surgery breath smells bad. BAD. I feel sorry for my surgeon, who has to remove my wires and splint tomorrow. Ul! I rinse with warm water after each meal, because it feels good to get the gunk out of my braces. I just now rinsed with peroxide (diluted 50/50 with water) and then rinsed with Tom's Of Maine Spearmint mouthwash--alcohol free, diluted also with water. It is REALLY minty. It's a nice feeling. Not as nice as brushing and flossing will be, but nicer than having a mouth full of soup particles.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Hi Rebecca,
I didn't have any breathe issues, I asked too, and no one made a face or passed out - lol. I got a peroxide rinse from the hospital that I used until I could brush my teeth. It's 1.5 % vs. the 3 % in the brown bottle. Get the 1.5 as it's more diluted and usually has a mint taste added.

I was brushing pretty much from the time I got home (3 days later) and now brush everywhere since I can take the bands out and have less swelling in my mouth. I brush the splint like crazy. I can floss my bottom teeth, but can't my upper.
I used my fluroide rinse and mouth wash no problems diluted and now am at full strength at 3 weeks.

Drinking a lot helps too. Keep fluids going to keep food out and your mouth moist. I drank about 4 16 ounce bottles of water daily. I also drank gatorade later on. Stuff tastes good only ice cold, but it keeps your electrolytes up.


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