Wednesday, January 24, 2007

More surgery info, and why Dr. J is missing the "flattery" gene

Went to Dr. J today for an adjustment. I complained about my stainy o-rings and asked for some "smoke" ones because I had read on ArchWired that they don't stain. So she put smoke on, and now it looks like I've been eating Oreos. They're quite dark. Oh well, anything's better than piss-yellow.

I also found out exactly what I'm getting done: surgery on my upper jaw for my gummy smile, and the OS will bring my chin up and out. No lower surgery at all. I no longer have an overbite, and my teeth fit together perfectly. It just seems like the rest is mostly cosmetic! But I'm sure pain reduction will come with a harmonious (love that word) face and not having to stretch my lips over my teeth unnaturally to close my mouth. No more posturing for me!

The following is why I believe Dr. J is not a smooth-talker with the ladies. He said to me, while showing me before-braces pictures of myself:

Dr. J: "When you're chin is balanced with the rest of your face, you'll be attractive."
Me: (Dead silence)

He didn't say "more attractive" either. Gee, thanks, Dr. J. You're no stud yourself. Okay, okay. I wasn't really insulted. He's right. Dr. J doesn't sugar coat anything and I appreciate that. I know I'll be attractive with a nice smile and a chin. I don't think I'm attractive now either. I agree with him 100%.

He also said my lips were too full and my nose was too narrow, and that both will look a lot less big after the surgery. He was very clinical about all his insults. And I agreed with all of it.

So then I took my unattractive face, my huge lips, and my honkin' nose out of his office and stuffed myself on fries and gravy in the mall food court.

I'm still seeing Dr. P on Monday, even though Dr. J's receptionist told me he may be booked up 6 months in advance. I can't wait 6 months. I'd much rather 6 weeks! But alas, I will find out from Dr. P himself. Hopefully he'll go easy on the insults so I won't develop a complex.


At 12:21 AM, Blogger Amy said...

I so can relate to the need to research, reassure and get second (or third) opinions to feel right about what your doing. I saw 3 orthodontists. First one made me cry. 2nd one was fantastic, but wanted to be sure. The 3rd one, she is brilliant -worked with children with cleft pallet, cranio facial deformities and She assured me I was in great hands with the 2nd (my current) OD. Both the 2nd and 3rd OD insisted on my oral surgeon. The 3rd OD worked with him and knew him personally, kept calling him by his first name. It took waiting for that 3rd opinion to convinced me, right team to work on my face.

My surgeon is missing the flattery gene. He speaks very carefully. No opinion what so ever on things, just what is right for facial harmony. I find that I'm my harshest don't think your unattractive or let that get to you. They are just looking at what is "book" standard.

Good luck with your visit to Dr. P!

At 5:11 AM, Blogger Mrs. Shanton said...

I kinda like the idea of brutal honesty. I keep waiting for it, but it never comes. I know my OD was gentle, but I always found myself wanting more definitive direction--"You have this, and if you did that, it would look better." In a way, you are lucky. But I also understand why most people aren't totally honest. It can hurt, can't it? On the other hand, sometimes we place too much importance on minor imperfections, especially when they are pointed out. Really, even "beautiful" people have flaws. Some of these are what made them gorgeous, like Cindy Crawford's mole. We will never be perfect. Thank God. It wouldn't last, anyway. Be you. Be audaciously you. There is nobody like you. (Who did Prince Charles love all along? His beautiful Camilla. Imagine if she'd shrunk away because she wasn't Diana.)


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