Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December 2006--More Mouth Mess

Just when I get used to the mess my mouth is in, more mess is added. Today I got what she called a "bypass" wire that is sort of shaped like a double safety pin and is supposed to force my two teeth on either side of my one very crooked tooth apart. Follow? See, I have this very crooked tooth on the bottom that she can not get the wire on. So the teeth on either side of it have to move their asses over so that the wire can go on that crooked tooth so it can be flush with the rest. Ah hell, I'll just show you a picture later. It's a mess.

Good news is, Dr. J told me I no longer have an overbite, my teeth are straightening nicely, and he's still shooting for March 2007 for a surgery date.

I also have this huge canker sore inside my lower lip that hurts like hell. And now my lower teeth hurt like hell from that bypass wire. Add that to the pain I've been feeling in my jaw muscles. If I were a horse they'd have to shoot me.

That's all for this month. A load of complaints. Oh well.


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