Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October 2006--The Oral Surgeon

Ah yes. Finally. On October 23, 2006, the day before my 30th birthday, I met with my new oral surgeon Dr. C for the very first time. There was a $70 fee for the consultation and I intended to get my money's worth. I found a list online called "Questions to ask your surgeon" and I printed it off. I was ready.

Dr. C told me right off that I was special. I was one of the unlucky 5% of people who need this surgery. Yeah, I'm that bad off. Woo hoo!
Dr. C explained the surgery to me in depth, told me exactly what to expect (a lot of which I already knew from the Yahoo group), told me the risks, and answered all my questions and more. He had me stand against the door and he looked in my mouth, felt my jaws and studied by facial bones. He didn't even get offended when I questioned his competence by asking him how many surgeries he's done. He has done lots, by the way. He also told me I'd probably be done with the surgery by summer. I was relieved.

After we spoke for a while, Dr. J came in and then he made me stand by the door, looked in my mouth and told me I still had a little ways to go with those bottom teeth (they had finally just started moving). Then he told me I may be ready for surgery by March! My jaw dropped (no pun intended). If I have the surgery in March, that means I'm halfway there.

Then the two good doctors both studied me and spoke using all these medical terms I've never heard of and conferred with each other. It felt really strange to be looked at and talked about like that, but the way they spoke to each other--and me--made me trust their judgement completely. These are two guys who seem to know what they're doing. Can I trust them with my jaws? I think so.

Time will tell though, I guess.

Update--My uncle is a doctor, and it turns out he knows Dr. C personally. My uncle says he's an excellent OS and that I'm in good hands. He also knows my OD and says he's excellent as well. How do all these doctors know each other? In any case, I feel better.


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