Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Early May 2006--The Problem

I left that first appointment feeling totally discouraged. How were we going to afford this? My husband was supportive, but he had the same concerns. Money. But then there was my health, which he cared about even more. Me too. This was an extremely stressful time as it was. We had just bought a house!

I was on an emotional roller coaster. What could I do? I talked to my mother and mentioned casually that I might ask my father for a loan. If not, I would HAVE to find a way to pay for this myself because, bottom line, I NEEDED to have this surgery. And, bottom line again, we could not afford braces. Our mortgage was more than our rent. We had so many other bills. My teeth would have to wait.

Then a few hours after I talked to my mom, I talked to her again. My father would pay for my braces. No problem. I immediately burst into tears. I was so touched and grateful that my father would do this for me. Right away I called Dr. J's office to set up an appointment. But, just so I could be 100% sure I wanted to go through with this, I asked the receptionist to get Dr. J to call me. I had more questions. A long list, in fact. He did call me, and answered all my questions and then some. I gave the OK for the ball to start rolling.

A few days later I got my orthodontic plan in the mail. I learned that I had a Class I malocclusion: deep overbite, severe crowding, 2mm overjet, deep curve of spee, unfavorable axial inclination, maxillary transverse micrognathia, incisal misguidance, mandibular retropositioning, mandibular thrusting, severe anterior bruxing, mandibular left closing shift, severe temporomandibular joint disfunction, bilateral temporomandibular joint crepitus, micrognathia, 4mm anterior vertical maxillary excess, posterior vertical maxillary excess, steep madibular plane angle, skeletal asymmetry, dental asymmetry, and bilateral condylar osteoarthritic degeneration.

Whew. I am MESSED UP!

I also learned that because of severe skeletal disharmony and lack of favorable growth, I would require comprehensive orthodontic treatment utilizing fixed appliances for a period of 24 months:

1. 12 months of presurgical orthodontic treatment to coordinate both arches
2. This will be followed by orthognathic surgery with splinting (6 weeks). The patient will be on a soft diet during this period but will not be immobilized
3. Finally, a 11 month period of post-surgical orthodontic treatment will be necessary to complete the alignment of the teeth and retaining of the surrounding tissue

The man had a plan.


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