Monday, July 02, 2007

4 months post-op update

4 months pics, complete with a slightly sunburned nose from being outside all day at an outdoor concert yesterday.

Well, you got most of my update in my last few posts. Nothing new, really. Some parts of my gums have feeling now. As you can see, my face is still lopsided. I've been doing my "kissing exercises" as Dr. C calls them.

My teeth are moving like crazy. I read somewhere they move a lot faster right after surgery. There was even a % but I can't remember. Anyway, they have been poking the insides of my mouth. I can't wait to get them off. Can you believe it's been TWO SUMMERS now that I haven't been able to eat corn on the cob (and no, I will NOT cut it off the cob! Blasphemy!)? How cruel is that.

I find myself forgetting I had surgery now. It feels like something that happened years ago. I don't feel I look "different" anymore...just like myself.


At 7:10 PM, Blogger amycq said...

thanks for the blog! I'm a 29 yr old whose getting ready for an Upper and Genio on July 20th myself. I believe the only difference between our surgeries is that I will only have a 2 piece LeFort done. I'm nervous but anxious at the same time. I'm new to the blogging scene but love having other people that have gone through the same thing at my disposal!! I would like to add your blog as a link on mine which is:

thanks so much and you look great!

At 10:51 PM, Blogger allison said...

Haha, I liked your corn on the cob comment. Last time I had braces (4 years ago or so) I went all out and ate the corn right off the cob. The brushing experience afterwards, however, is not pleasant. This time around, I'm being more careful about what I eat, and cut the corn off the cob. Your right -- it's absolutely not the same!


At 6:40 PM, Blogger Betsy said...

Your profile looks great. I googled orthognathic surgery and found your page. It has helped me a lot. Iw ill get the surgery done in September. hope you don't mind I added your link to my page and I loved reading your blogs, very funny


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